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New report highlights 10 ways to rebuild the middle class

Jobs, jobs, jobs. It’s the topic on the forefront of everyone’s minds and is the issue likely defining the upcoming presidential election. Too many workers are toiling in jobs that don’t pay enough to support their families, and too many can’t find work at all. As middle-class jobs become more scarce, and newly created jobs lack the wages and benefits of long-term employment, we’re headed toward even greater income inequality. Read more »

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Pro-Union & Pro-Football: How to support unions at your next tailgate or game party

For millions of Americans, fall marks the time to obsess over football – be it on the couch, in the bleachers, or in the stadium parking lot. Football season is a great opportunity to bring people together for the shared love of the game. Whether fair-weather football fans or fanatics, it’s likely not everyone in the crowd will be a die-hard union fan. Understandably, when fewer and fewer people have had direct experience with a union, there’s less of a chance they see unions as key to rebuilding America and the middle class. But you can help clear up myths and help shed light on what unions are all about. In fact, game day is a great place to start creating a bigger union cheering section. We’re here to help with some simple facts and talking points so you’re ready the next time you encounter someone who simply misunderstands or stands against unions – on or off the field. Read more »

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