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Union Shop: Sylvania Halogen Super Savers

Product: Light Bulbs
Category: Home Improvement & Appliances

Are you afraid of the dark? Then grab some energy efficient Halogen Super Savers. Not only eco-friendly, they are also union made. USW workers in Wellsboro, PA, produce the bulb envelope, and IUE-CWA workers in St. Mary’s, PA, assemble the bulbs.

Sylvania Super Saver Halogen light bulbs are available at grocery and home improvement stores nationwide. More information here.

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Locked-out workers wrap up Journey for Justice

Yesterday, the locked-out workers at Cooper Tire’s Findlay, Ohio, plant approved a contract offer from the company and will head back to work shortly. When they first received the offer last week, the workers were on a “Journey for Justice” with locked-out American Crystal Sugar workers to call attention to their struggle—and to the struggle of all workers left out in the cold by corporate greed.

The unions that represent the two groups of workers, the United Steelworkers and the Bakery, Confectionery, Tobacco Workers, and Grain Millers International Union, give us a glimpse inside their journey in the press release cross posted below. Read more »

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Let’s do the math

Here’s a quick math problem for you:

The employees of United Steelworkers Local 7-669, who work in the nation’s only uranium plant, have been locked out of the facility since early June. Honeywell, the defense contractor in charge of the uranium plant in Metropolis, IL, barred the employees from entering the facility after they objected to the company’s plan to stop offering retiree healthcare and pensions for new hires, as well as increase their healthcare contributions to $8,500 a year.

It would cost Honeywell $20 million over three years to keep the workers’ health and retiree benefits at their current levels, a price they deemed to be too high. But USW officials estimate that the corporation has already spent or lost at least $48.8 million to keep the workers out of the plant.

If Honeywell is so bent on trying to cut costs and save money, why is it spending millions without cause? Read more »

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In Superman’s hometown, union workers locked out UPDATE*

Metropolis, IL, isn’t just Superman’s hometown. The city is also home to America’s only uranium conversion plant. The uranium plant may not be as sensational as Superman, but this week it caught the attention of The New York Times.

Why? Because 68 workers from the plant are known to have come down with cancer—and 42 of those 68 have died. Worse still is that, despite those numbers, the plant isn’t taking action to care for its employees. In fact, the plant’s operator wants to slash pensions for newly hired workers and reduce health benefits for retirees. Read more »

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