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Union Shop: Snap-On Tools

Snap-On Tools

Product: Hand Tools
Union: IAMAW
Category: Home Improvement & Appliances

If you are the guy or girl who can fix anything – or you aspire to be – Snap-On has a tool for you! Snap-On hand tools are made by union workers represented by the IAMAW. These expertly crafted union-made tools are perfect for the “do-it-yourselfer.”

Click here to buy a variety of Snap-On tools online.

Union Shop: A Guide to Whats Union-MadeFind more union-made products and services at Union Shop. Or submit your own here!
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Union Shop: Sylvania Halogen Super Savers

Product: Light Bulbs
Category: Home Improvement & Appliances

Are you afraid of the dark? Then grab some energy efficient Halogen Super Savers. Not only eco-friendly, they are also union made. USW workers in Wellsboro, PA, produce the bulb envelope, and IUE-CWA workers in St. Mary’s, PA, assemble the bulbs.

Sylvania Super Saver Halogen light bulbs are available at grocery and home improvement stores nationwide. More information here.

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