Democracy in Action, From the Coffeehouse to the Statehouse

In an election year, it's important to ask whether the people in elected office really understand what life is like for average Americans. It's no surprise that members of Congress are wealthier and far removed from the day-to-day experiences of Americans who struggle to stay afloat.

In a new report, American Rights at Work highlights one way to address the disconnect between elected officials and the people they represent. Unions across the country are encouraging their members – everyday Americans like waitresses, nurses, and police officers – to run for elected office at the local, state and even federal level. And as our research demonstrates, when members of Congress held jobs like nurse, teacher, and police officer before entering office, they were more likely to take pro-worker positions such as protecting Social Security, enacting stronger workplace safety and discrimination protections, and reforming the financial industry.

Check out the report.

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Democracy in action, from the coffeehouse to the statehouse
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