Think companies operating in the U.S. have a perfect human rights track record? Think again…

A new report commissioned by Human Rights Watch (HRW) highlights the repeated suppression of workers’ efforts to unionize, and it’s not just happening in sweatshops overseas. It’s happening right here in the United States thanks to T-Mobile USA, their parent company Deutsche Telekom, and many other European companies.

The rights of workers to form unions and bargain collectively for a brighter future are key components of human rights. But this report makes the case that companies including Deutsche Telekom, DHL, Tesco, Sodeoxho, and the Dutch Gamma Holding Company all have a double standard when it comes to labor relations.

AFL CIO President Richard Trumka had this to say about the report:

As the report finds and millions of working people know firsthand, voluntary compliance is simply not enough to safeguard workers’ freedom of association. Due diligence, oversight and control mechanisms are necessary to protect workers’ rights. Our leaders must enact real labor law reform urgently, including the Employee Free Choice Act, to strengthen and protect workers’ rights on the job.

For now, European companies have two options: ignore their pledges to corporate social responsibility and human rights, or embrace the International Labor Organization’s basic standards and respect workers’ rights. As responsible employers here in the U.S. and around the globe can attest, the latter is by far the better option—for workers, businesses, and the economy.

Back in December of 2009 American Rights at Work released our own report detailing T-Mobile USA’s double standard on workers’ rights. Read it here.

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