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New Ad Campaign: The Secret Big Business Doesn't Want You to Know

  Takes Opponents to Task over False “Secret Ballot” Attack

January 30, 2009

Josh Goldstein
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WASHINGTON, DC— Today, American Rights at Work launched a new television, print, and online ad campaign setting the record straight on the Employee Free Choice Act and the misleading attacks its opponents have made. In a conference call with reporters, American Rights at Work released ads which expose the lies and distortions over the secret ballot that corporate special interest groups have been using in their effort to defeat the bill.

The ads are available here: www.FreeChoiceAct.org.

Greedy CEOs and their front groups have pushed a deceptive campaign to divert attention away from the actual substance of the bill and what it seeks to accomplish. Contrary to their assertions, the Employee Free Choice Act does not take away the secret ballot in union elections. It simply gives workers, not their bosses, the choice in how they decide to form a union so they can earn better wages, health care, and a secure retirement.

“Big Business has focused its PR attacks falsely claiming that the legislation would eliminate secret ballot elections,” says American Rights at Work Executive Director Mary Beth Maxwell. “No matter how much they spend or how many lies they spread about the secret ballot, they can’t make it true. The truth is, opponents of the bill have an agenda to stop workers from earning better wages and health care.”

Maxwell continued, “CEOs against this bill don’t want you to know that workers don’t have a choice right now in this employer-dominated union organizing process. They are harassed, intimidated, and fired for their support of a union, which is why we need to level the playing field through the Employee Free Choice Act.”

In addition to providing workers a free and fair path to form unions through majority sign-up, the commonsense legislation will also help employees secure a contract in a reasonable period of time, and toughen penalties against employers who violate the law.

Following the new ads, as part of an ongoing effort by a broad coalition to build on the growing momentum behind the Employee Free Choice Act, next week thousands of workers will deliver over a million signatures to Congress in support of the bill.

Below is the script for the new TV ad:

“The Real Secret” TV: 30

VO: Corporate greed. It’s caused a meltdown of our economy. Just look at the news … or your retirement account.

Now, greedy CEOs want to prevent workers from joining unions to level the playing field. Their new scheme to keep wages low? Spreading lies about the Employee Free Choice Act.

The truth is the Employee Free Choice Act absolutely protects workers’ right to choose a secret ballot election. But the choice would be the workers. Not their bosses.

That’s the secret Big Business doesn’t want you to know.

On Screen Disclaimer: Paid for by American Rights at Work

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