Michigan working families unveil constitutional amendment to protect collective bargaining

Fed up with the relentless attacks on workers from state legislators, Michiganders have launched a new campaign to protect collective bargaining rights. The Protect Our Jobs campaign has already begun collecting signatures to put a constitutional amendment on the November ballot that would ensure workers’ rights to form unions and bargain together for fair pay and better working conditions.

There’s no doubt that this initiative would be good for workers, but it’s also crucial for the state’s economic recovery. With the ability to bargain collectively, workers can regain their grasp on the middle class and pump much-needed consumer spending into the economy.

Unsurprisingly, corporate-backed politicians in the state legislature have already retaliated with two anti-worker bills. But as we saw in Ohio last November, it’s voters—not politicians or CEOs—who have the last say.

Learn more about the Project Our Jobs campaign here!

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