19 Wisconsin counties flip on Gov. Walker—but outcome of Supreme Court race still unclear

Weeks of protests across Wisconsin let unionbusting legislators know that workers won’t stand for ideologically motivated attacks on their rights. And this week’s Supreme Court race took that message from Madison to the polls.

As votes poured in this week for Wisconsin Supreme Court candidates JoAnne Kloppenburg and incumbent David Prosser, the shift in voter support was undeniable. Nineteen of Gov. Walker’s state counties —counties that won him his last election—went for Kloppenburg this time around.

But yesterday’s (somewhat suspicious) discovery of uncounted votes means that the outcome of this election is still up in the air. And workers and legislatures across the country must wait to know if Judge Kloppenburg will join the court.

We do know that the pro-worker candidate for Milwaukee County Executive—Gov. Walker’s vacated position—beat out the governor’s handpicked candidate in a landslide.

Whatever the final tally, Americans can count this week’s events as a win for workers’ rights—not just in Wisconsin, but everywhere workers face attacks. Voters have sent a clear message to politicians and their CEO campaign donors: we know what’s best for our state and for working families, and we have the voice to make it happen. Let’s hope other elected officials considering anti-worker measures will now think twice before putting partisan politics ahead of real people.

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