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Who is the Anti-Union Network?

Learn more about the range of organizations comprising the anti-union network.  

Center for Union Factsnotorious industry lobbyist and PR flak Richard Berman is now attacking unions through his latest front group, in the same way he's fought against drunk driving laws, health regulations, consumer protections, and minimum wage increases for years.

National Right to Work Foundation and Committee—is the country's oldest organization dedicated solely to destroying unions

U.S. Chamber of Commerce—the nation's most powerful business lobbying organization, has been campaigning against unions, fair labor practices, and legal protections for America's workers for nearly a century.

Public Service Research Foundation and Council—these small, established groups supply their more prominent anti-union colleagues with research, polling, and propaganda to fight against the right of teachers and other public employees to have unions.

For-Profit Unionbusters—these professional consultants or lawyers profit off their ability to manipulate labor law, advising employers on how to thwart union organizing drives or how to get rid of workers' unions.