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Reports & Studies from American Rights at Work

If you’re looking for credible data, in-depth research, and comprehensive analyses to support the need for the Employee Free Choice Act, look no further.  Below you’ll find detailed reports, policy briefs, and studies from American Rights at Work, as well as a range of public policy organizations and academic institutions.


Fact Over Fiction:  Opposition to Card Check Doesn’t Add Up

Authors: Adrienne Eaton, Ph.D. of Rutgers University; Jill Kriesky, Ph.D. of Wheeling Jesuit University

Findings from this survey, commissioned by American Rights at Work, of workers’ opinions on union and employer coercion during card check campaigns and National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) elections reveal that claims of union pressure in card check campaigns are grossly exaggerated.  

March 2006 | Availability: Issue Brief (PDF: 4 pages, 204 KB) 

Undermining the Right to Organize: Employer Behavior During Union Representation Campaigns

Authors: Chirag Mehta and Nik Theodore, the University of Illinois at Chicago’s Center for Urban Economic Development (CUED)
Findings from this report, commissioned by American Rights at Work, reveal that a majority of employers aggressively use both legal and illegal anti-union tactics during union representation elections, which impedes workers’ ability to form unions.

December 2005 | Availability: Full Report (PDF: 35 pages, 688 KB); one-page fact sheet (PDF: 451 KB); half-page flyer (PDF: 503 KB) 

Free and Fair? How Labor Law Fails U.S. Democratic Election Standards

Author: Gordon Lafer, Ph.D., American Rights at Work
The report investigates how current union election procedures measure up to U.S. democratic standards.  In spite of the presence of secret ballots, the report concludes that union elections fall alarmingly short of living up to the most fundamental tenets of democracy.

June 2005 | Availability: Full Report (PDF: 38 pages, 409 KB); report summary (PDF or HTML

Some of Them are Brave: The Unfulfilled Promise of American Labor Law

Authors: Bruce Nissen & Mary Beth Maxwell, American Rights at Work
This report provides an in-depth look at the obstacles faced by nursing home workers trying to form unions under U.S. labor law.

December 2003 | Availability: Full Report  (PDF: 24 pages, 316 KB)