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Mar. 2: House passes the Employee Free Choice Act!

On March 1st the House of Representatives passed the Employee Free Choice Act!  Some 241 members, including 13 Republicans, supported the bill.  A majority of our elected officials stood up against a barrage of misinformation and hundreds of thousands of dollars of negative advertising to support the rights of millions of hard-working men and women.

Thanks to the tireless efforts of interfaith organizations, human rights groups, civil rights advocates, public interest organizations, academics, environmentalists, and our activists, working families won.

This is an incredible victory for all of us who care about a more just and fair society.  But this battle is not over yet.

To win back workers' rights, we need to ramp up our efforts for the upcoming Senate battle over this legislation.  By making a donation to American Rights at Work now, you'll help provide us with critical support for our efforts for the Senate debate.  These next few weeks could make the difference for America's workers—please donate today !