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April 9: Employee Free Choice Act Updates

1.  Senate Introduces Employee Free Choice Act.  Momentum continues for the Employee Free Choice Act!  On Thursday, March 29, Sen. Edward Kennedy introduced the legislation – S. 1041 – in the Senate.  We now move toward building a majority of support in the Senate for this critical bill.

2.  1st Senate Hearing Held on Legislation to Protect Workers & Strengthen Middle Class.  On Tuesday, March 27, the Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee held the Senate’s first hearing on the Employee Free Choice Act.  Testifiers included New York University Professor of Law Cynthia Estlund, Economic Policy Institute President Lawrence Mishel, and Errol Hohrein, who was fired for trying to form a union in his workplace.  As a result of his experience, Hohrein proclaimed “Labor law in this country is broken, it doesn’t support working people. We’re on the brink and no one’s looking out for us. It’s time for the government to do the right thing and pass the Employee Free Choice Act.”  Watch the webcast of the hearing.