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Addus Healthcare, Inc.

addushealthcare_web.jpg This nationally-recognized provider of healthcare staffing is improving living standards for its in-home healthcare aides, while advocating for higher wages throughout the industry.

In Partnership With: Service Employees International Union (SEIU) 

Improving working conditions for homecare aides while serving the broader community

At a Glance Established in 1977, Addus Healthcare is a nationally-recognized provider of healthcare services and supplemental healthcare staffing. It is one of the largest Medicaid personal-care providers in the country.

Palatine, IL



Union Employees
6,500 homecare aides

Total Employees

Annual Revenues
$165 million

81 offices in AL, AR, CA, DE, IL, IN, MO, NM, OR, PA, and WA

35,000 patients seen annually

Addus Healthcare and the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) enjoy a long-standing, positive relationship. SEIU represents Addus homecare aides who provide valuable healthcare services in Illinois, California, Oregon, Washington, and Pennsylvania. Their labor contracts include provisions for regular wage increases, higher rates of mileage reimbursement, a seniority system, vacation and sick leave for full- and part-time employees, healthcare benefits for all employees, and pension plans.

Cindy Justice served as an Addus homecare aide in Portland, OR, for more than nine years and earned a minimum wage until she and her union, SEIU Local 503, negotiated their first contract with the company in 2004. She believes the contract will improve turnover rates and working conditions for Addus employees, and ultimately result in better care for the company’s predominantly elderly and disabled patients.

In Addus’ home state of Illinois, the company joined with SEIU Local 880 to advocate for a living wage for homecare aides throughout the industry. Addus Chief Operating Officer Mark Heaney is part of a national task force working to extend healthcare benefits to all homecare employees. In January 2005, he participated in a press conference at the signing of an Illinois bill into law that increased the state minimum wage from the federally-mandated $5.15 to $6.50 per hour.

The collaboration between Addus and SEIU has improved the employment environment for this typically underpaid sector of workers across the country.



Selection Criteria

> Free and fair choice to form a union

> Collaborating as equal partners with workers and their unions to craft innovative strategies on compensation, performance, and productivity to meet business goals and address challenges

> Providing sustainable wages or increases and worker-friendly benefits

> Contributing positively to the broader community