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Edward Kraemer & Sons, Inc.

k-kraemer.jpg This national contractor and construction-aggregates supplier boasts a strong commitment to safety, diversity, and collaboration with its workforce.

In Partnership With: IW, IUOE, LIUNA, OPCMIA, UBC

Putting worker health and safety first is the key to success

At a Glance

Edward Kraemer & Sons is a general contractor and construction-aggregates supplier. Its projects include the Wilson Bridge renovations in Washington, DC, the I-580/Galena Creek Bridge in Reno, NV, and the I-490 Bridge over the Genesee River in Rochester, NY.

Plain, WI



Union Employees
600 construction workers

Total Employees

Annual Revenues
$300 million

Regional offices in CO, MD, MN, and WI, and project offices in AZ, IL, IA, MO, NV, NY, ND, PA, UT, and WY.


47 current client projects

Edward Kraemer & Sons, a general contractor and construction-aggregates supplier, is best known for its contribution to major projects such as the renovation of the Wilson Bridge in metro Washington, DC, the I-580/ Galena Creek Bridge in Reno, NV, and the I-490 Bridge over the Genesee River in Rochester, NY.  Less known is the firm’s commitment to respecting the rights of Kraemer employees to form unions at all its locations across the country.

On all of its projects, Kraemer executives work closely its employees’ unions, including the Laborers’ International Union of North America. Work planning throughout the project’s duration involves management and key employees. Daily TEAM (Total Efficiency Attainment Meetings) discussions led by project foremen or superintendents ensure that all workers understand and follow client requirements.

In addition to sharing decision-making responsibilities with employees, Kraemer also instituted a diversity policy that ensures all employees have an equal opportunity to excel. Kraemer’s diversity statement is far-reaching and forbids discrimination or harassment based on race, gender, religion, national origin, age, disability, or sexual orientation.

In the construction industry, safety is paramount. Kraemer places special emphasis on worker well-being and accident prevention. Kraemer’s “safe production” culture emphasizes that safety is never secondary to production or cost savings. 

All workers receive training in safe procedures. When safety becomes a concern, employees are empowered to stop production. Kraemer’s training and empowerment of all of its employees is the cornerstone of the company’s safe production philosophy.  The company also institutes the BOSS (Behavioral Observation Safety Supervision) program, designed to create a safe and compliant work environment for all production workers through training, development, mentoring, and coaching.

By working with its employees’ unions, Kraemer ensures that employees take pride in their work. In a message to his employees, Chairman David Kraemer said, “The key to our success in this business isn’t only our ability to out-engineer our competitors.  Our success is also defined by how well each of you takes ownership and responsibility for your job.”

Selection Criteria

> Free and fair choice to form a union

> Collaborating as equal partners with workers and their unions to craft innovative strategies on compensation, performance, and productivity to meet business goals and address challenges

> Protecting workers’ safety and health

> Fostering diversity and inclusion in the

> Offering training and professional
development opportunities

> Contributing positively to the broader