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Statement on Opponents of the Employee Free Choice Act (S. 1041)
by American Rights at Work Executive Director Mary Beth Maxwell

June 19, 2007

Kimberly Freeman
202-679-3330 (cell)
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Washington, DC—The fact that industry front groups are passing themselves off as the new champions of workers' rights is ridiculous. When you oppose minimum wage increases and fight to deny workers a free choice to join a union, you don't get to call yourself a defender of American democracy and working people.

Opponents of the Employee Free Choice Act have paid big bucks to PR flaks like the Center for Union Facts' Rick Berman to tell whopping lies about the bill. This guy is a hired gun who takes money from these same groups to attack other public interest organizations like Mothers Against Drunk Driving and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Workers and their unions must be doing something right to be in Berman's crosshairs.

If opponents didn't think that the Employee Free Choice Act could dismantle their unfair advantage in the workplace, they wouldn't invest so much in defeating it.