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Thanks for the Warm Welcome
Written by Erin Johansson   
December 21, 2007

We've received great interest from other blogs since launching Eye on the NLRB last week.

AFL-CIO Now, Change to Win Connect, David Sirota, FACE Talk (from the American Federation of Teachers), the American Constitution Society blog, the Workplace Prof Blog, and R. Enochs, Esq. all gave some love to our launch and helped call attention to why it’s so important to keep these labor law decisions on our radar screen.

Chris Bowers at Open Left took it a step further and gave some in-depth coverage to the Congressional hearings on the NLRB, while Current Employment commented on the uproar over the NLRB's “September Steamroll.”

And Surviving the Workday caught on to Washington Post columnist Harold Meyerson’s insight into what’s really going on over there at the Labor Board.

Thanks to all of you who helped welcome us to the blogosphere, and keep your eyes here for our continued scrutiny of the NLRB.