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2006: Danny Glover


 Danny Glover
American Rights at Work honors this award-winning actor and activist for the energy he brings to improving the lives of workers and their families.

Danny Glover wears two hats: award-winning actor and uncompromising activist. The veteran performer has charmed audiences on stage and screen with his commanding presence, talent, and likeability. Off-screen, he has dedicated his life to standing up for what is right and used his clout to raise the visibility of issues of social justice and human rights.

The son of postal workers and active union members in San Francisco, Glover's political awareness was shaped by his parents' involvement with the civil rights and workers' rights movements.  During college, he became an outspoken student activist and member of the Black Students Union at San Francisco State.  While a struggling young actor and part-time cab driver, Glover himself walked the picket line when taxi drivers went on strike in 1978.

Still not content to sit on the sidelines, Glover is routinely found marching alongside those fighting for their rights, from immigrant nursing home workers in Florida struggling to form a union, to campus workers at Washington University trying to earn a living wage.  Most recently, he embarked on a multi-city tour with UNITE HERE's Hotel Workers Rising campaign.  Through this initiative, Glover is supporting and rallying with workers who are fighting against what has become all too common in the hotel industry: long hours, low wages, and discrimination.

Throughout his career, Glover has produced and starred in plays and films of historical relevance and social conscience, and supported social movements for peace, racial justice, and the end of global poverty, the death penalty, and the spread of HIV/AIDS.  He currently serves as Board Chairman of TransAfrica Forum.