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2007: Judge Greg Mathis


 Judge Greg Mathis
American Rights at Work pays tribute to Judge Greg Mathis for his outspoken support of fair labor laws that protect U.S. workers

Judge Greg Mathis' commitment to justice doesn't end with his award-winning court TV show. Off the air, he also dedicates much of his life to building just communities.

In 1995, Mathis became the youngest judge in Michigan when he was elected to the state's 36th District Court. Since then, he has used his stature as a judge and TV personality to speak out for a variety of causes, including civil rights, affirmative action, and economic justice.  In a weekly newspaper column he often brings attention to the individual and societal costs of discrimination and economic inequality. 

While his personal rise from jail to judge has inspired millions, we honor his determination to bring justice and opportunity to working people.  An inspiring speaker, Judge Mathis has spoken many times before labor audiences.  At last year's NAACP convention he blasted the National Labor Relations Board's impending decision to re-classify 8 million workers as "supervisors," thereby denying their right to collective bargaining for fair treatment and compensation.

In 2004, Judge Mathis supported employees of Angelica Laundry in their victorious campaign to join UNITE HERE by participating in a Jobs with Justice National Workers' Rights Board hearing in St. Louis

Since 2005, Judge Mathis has been active in rebuilding New Orleans and returning displaced residents to their hometown.  In addition, Judge Mathis cares deeply for young people and works to create educational and work opportunities, including a recent project with the Laborers-Employers Cooperation and Education Trust in Philadelphia to increase academic achievement while lowering crime.  He currently serves as the Vice President of the RainbowPUSH Coalition and is a national board member of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference.