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President Bush and Secretary Chao Again Sweep America's Workers Under the Rug

February 28, 2008

Josh Goldstein
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Washington, DC—Once again, America's workers have been swept under the rug by President George W. Bush and Secretary of Labor Elaine Chao. Speaking today at a closed-door event at the Department of Labor, President Bush discussed jobs and the economy. He neglected, however, to publicly discuss many of the key issues facing America's workers, due in large part to the failures and negligence of the very Department where he was speaking.

"President Bush and Secretary Chao consistently push America's workers to the back of the room. Today's remarks by President Bush following his meeting with economic advisers only further this trend - after a full briefing on FISA and a closed speech at the Department of Labor, Bush's only public offering was empty rhetoric and false solutions to our country's economic woes," said American Rights at Work Executive Director Mary Beth Maxwell upon hearing the President's remarks.

"Neither Bush nor Chao made any public reference to the fact that every day workers in the country are denied fair wages and forced to work in hazardous environments. Dependent on the success of the middle class, our economy will continue to struggle if we allow Chao to continue to dissolve fundamental workers' rights."

While President Bush and Elaine Chao attempt to mislead the American public on these critical issues, American Rights at Work is dedicated to exposing the true record of the Department of Labor's treatment of America's workers. Entering the final year of this administration, we are encouraging the public to demand a change of course. Americans deserve an administration and a Secretary of Labor who will be truthful and accountable to the citizens they are supposed to serve.

Find out more about how Elaine Chao and the Department of Labor have stacked the deck against America's workers at