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Cynical Attack on America's Teachers from Corporate Hack
antiunion125.jpg What do Mothers Against Drunk Driving, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and teachers unions have in common?  They are all public interest groups who have found themselves in the crosshairs of notorious corporate hack Richard Berman.

Today Richard Berman launched a cynical campaign attacking America's teachers and their unions.  The PR flak's "shoot the messenger" strategy has been well-documented by the media, American Rights at Work, and other public interest groups.  Through various front groups, Berman has mounted campaigns for his corporate backers to relax drunken driving laws, discount public health concerns about obesity and mercury, and prevent increases in the minimum wage.

In response to these baseless attacks, American Rights at Work Executive Director Mary Beth Maxwell issued the following statement...

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"Richard Berman and his countless front groups are simply hired guns pushing the cynical campaigns of major corporations driven by greed over moral responsibilities.  These new attacks on America's teachers are the result of yet another paycheck being cashed in by Berman.  Richard Berman doesn't care about your kids, your health, your workplace, or your schools.  He cares about money, period.  And the major corporations and right-wing ideologues, whose identities are protected by his veil, are happy to pay handsomely for his services.

"An already contemptuous resume of attacking on behalf of the alcohol, tobacco, and fast food industries now has a new low.  Berman has clearly found his latest money-making enterprise: attacking teachers' unions.  Berman should be put in the dunce's corner for trying to fool teachers and the American public."

American Rights at Work is committed to exposing underhanded attacks on workers and their unions.  The labor policy and advocacy group created a portal to shed light on the various individuals, policymakers, and lobbyists who undermine workers' rights at