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One Million Strong for the Employee Free Choice Act

One Million Strong for the Employee Free Choice Act A robust middle class. Economic growth and shared prosperity. The American Dream. None are possible without good union jobs that protect workers.

That's why we need the Employee Free Choice Act - critical legislation that would give more workers a way to form unions and negotiate for better wages, health care, and working conditions. American Rights at Work is teaming up with hundreds of groups and unions to launch a massive campaign: One Million Strong for the Employee Free Choice Act.

We're going to show the new President and Congress that there are one million people who want to give hardworking families a chance to get ahead.

Why is this bill so important? It's plain as day: workers are struggling in this country.

Today's workplaces are tilted in favor of lavishly-paid CEOs, who get golden parachutes while middle-class families struggle to get by. The Employee Free Choice Act can restore the balance, giving more workers a chance to form unions and get better health care, job security, and benefits - and an opportunity to pursue their dreams.

Corporate interests are fighting the Employee Free Choice Act with everything they've got. They're protecting the status quo - a rigged system which allows employers to intimidate, harass, and even fire workers who try to form a union. We're not talking about isolated incidents: 30 percent of employers fire pro-union workers during union organizing drives.

It's time our economy worked for everyone again. It's time for Congress to pass the Employee Free Choice Act.

When you sign, be sure to upload your picture, too. We'll share it with lawmakers so they can see the faces of everyone who cares about this issue.

Together, we can change the law, change the economy, and change our futures for the better.