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Wake-up Call for the Middle Class

One Million Strong for the Employee Free Choice Act Can you imagine a CEO agreeing to work without a contract guaranteeing pay and benefits?

It would never happen. But when employers prevent a union from forming, that's exactly what they're making employees do: work without a contract.

All workers - not just CEOs - deserve fair wages, decent benefits, and safe working conditions - but without a contract, many will never get them. That's why we need the Employee Free Choice Act.

The One Million Strong campaign is picking up speed. More than 300,000 people have already signed our petition, but we can’t reach one million without you.

Passing the Employee Free Choice Act will make it easier for millions of workers to negotiate a contract and have a good union job.

Why is that so important? Unions have always been the bedrock of America’s middle class. With hardworking families feeling the squeeze from economic policies that bail out billionaires but abandon workers, it’s time to level the playing field.

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And here's one more reason why people who already have a union job should fight for this bill: the more people in unions, the better it gets for ALL of us. A strong union workforce means higher wages, better benefits, and improved living standards for everyone.  Need proof? Think about the eight-hour day, maternity leave, employer-sponsored health plans...

Unions fought for these rights, and they became the standard for all of us. Now its time for us all to join together to demand a fair deal for workers again.  

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