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What is this, 1928?

The earnings gap between the wealthy and the middle-class is wider than it’s been since 1928

Wages are worse than they were in 1970

Does that seem okay to you?

Me neither. We need to get the middle class moving. And one of the best ways to boost our economy is to allow more workers to join unions.

Click here to jumpstart the American Dream - chip in to help pass the Employee Free Choice Act.

American Rights at Work is waging an aggressive effort to educate the public in local campaigns, train community leaders to become advocates for our cause, mobilize state networks to support the Employee Free Choice Act and speak out in the media in support of this bill.

We need to mobilize now, but it can't be done without your help. Our fundraising deadline is this Monday.

  • $25 provides materials to train local leaders to become spokespeople for the Employee Free Choice Act.
  • $50 can sponsor an ad on a local website in one of our target states.
  • $100 helps launch our big YouTube video campaign, led by an Emmy-nominated film producer.
  • $250 will help fund message research and build our rapid-response network, so we can fight back when anti-worker groups run misleading ads.

Donate now and help us raise $10,000 by Monday >>

What will it mean when more people join unions? Picture this: people at work standing up for themselves. Fairer wages. Better healthcare coverage. Protection from outsourcing.

That’s America with the Employee Free Choice Act.

Anti-union groups are mounting a multi-million dollar campaign to keep this from happening. Our latest estimate shows corporations will spend $150 million or more against the Employee Free Choice Act. They've already started running ads in key states. We can't match them dollar-for-dollar, but we CAN prevail if enough people help us mount our own sophisticated campaign.