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One More Thing to Do Before Labor Day

 Our billboards are up in Denver right now!

Billboard: America's Middle Class is Falling Apart

We're making the Employee Free Choice Act a central issue at the Democratic convention in Denver. Armed with 550,000 petition signatures, we're meeting with party leaders, state delegations, and caucuses.

We've even launched a major ad campaign: billboards lining the Denver highways, ads in USA Today, and banners on major websites such as the Politico.

With pro-worker candidates feeling the pressure from a spate of attacks, your signature will make our case that much stronger in our meetings this week.

Can you help our convention campaign by signing our petition for the Employee Free Choice Act?

Here’s why we're fighting this battle:

  • Workers struggle to make ends meet as gas, food, and housing costs soar.
  • CEOs get million-dollar salaries, lavish bonuses, and golden parachutes.
  • Workers try to form unions to get better wages and benefits.
  • CEOs give themselves raises while often reducing health care and pay for employees.
  • Workers aren't guaranteed a contract or many rights if they can't form a union.
  • CEOs wouldn't even think of working without a contract.
  • Workers put in more hours, more effort, and play by the rules.
  • CEOs break the rules – 30% of employers facing an organizing drive illegally fire pro-union workers.

Anti-union companies and special interests are busy lobbying and funding front groups to protect the status quo with everything they've got. We'll never have the deep pockets of our opponents, but the voices of thousands of supporters can help us win this fight!

We have a unique opportunity over the next three days to bring those voices to the table as we meet with key policy-makers at the convention. Help turn up the power of our effort – sign the petition today!