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TV Ad Launched for the Employee Free Choice Act

Today American Rights at Work launched a national television ad campaign to educate the public on the critical issues facing America's struggling middle class. The ads will build on the broad public support for the Employee Free Choice Act, a bipartisan bill in Congress that will help workers achieve the American Dream by giving them the freedom to choose a union.

We're releasing these ads in celebration of Labor Day as part of a huge, new coordinated effort among workers' rights advocates, progressives, and labor unions to champion this legislation, which passed the House last year and garnered majority support in the Senate.

» Watch our ad on YouTube
» Read the AP article about our campaign
» See the press release

The effort includes paid advertising through national cable outlets and states throughout the country, including Oregon, Alaska, Louisiana, Mississippi, Minnesota, New Hampshire, and Maine. The state-based ads will focus on educating the public on the positions’ of political leaders, and urging the public to call them to express their support for the legislation in the Senate. A script of the national ad appears below.

:30 television ad

A CEO dress in a business suit sits on a see-saw and laughs deviantly. The camera pulls back and reveals he has a male worker up in the air on the other side.

CEOs’ salaries and benefits are getting fatter and fatter, while workers face soaring gas prices, foreclosures, and rising healthcare costs.

The Employee Free Choice Act gives workers the freedom to form a union

The CEO loses his smile as he begins to go up in the air. We pull back to reveal lots of workers sitting on the other side of the giant see-saw.

… so they can earn better wages, retirement security and healthcare coverage.

It’s time our economy worked for everyone again.

Paid for by American Rights at Work.

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