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Employee Free Choice Act featured on "Meet the Bloggers" Today
This week American Rights at Work teamed up with Brave New Films to present a funny new video about an out-of-whack workplace, part of our campaign to get 1 million people to support the Employee Free Choice Act.  Already more than 25,000 people have seen the funny new video, "Your New Job," and we're just getting started.

Today at 1pm EST, the new live online show "Meet the Bloggers" will discuss the Employee Free Choice Act and how it will help get our economy back on track.  Tune in this afternoon to watch Andy Stern of SEIU and John Sweeney of the AFL-CIO talk about the bill, and stick around for a segment featuring bloggers Baratunde Thurston and Michael Whitney.

Until 1pm, watch the video and sign our petition for the Employee Free Choice Act.