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Ready for Green Jobs

Green Jobs Now

America needs a new economy — one where millions of good, union, green-collar jobs revive our middle class and solve the climate challenge in the process.

Our next President and Congress will have a lot to say about when – and whether – we get that new economy.

That's why, on September 27th, people across the country are coming together for a national day of action for Green Jobs Now. We're talking house parties, street fairs, backyard BBQs, you name it – all to tell our leaders it's time to invest in the economy of the future.

Check out this quick video to learn more – then sign up to host or attend a Green Jobs event near you!

So what's a green-collar job, exactly? Most people have never heard of Gamesa USA, but they're showing how it's done. Gamesa, a successful wind turbine manufacturer, treats its workers as valuable partners – they're protecting the environment and creating the good, union, green-collar jobs of the future. Jobs that can lift people out of poverty. And they're not alone.

American Rights at Work is joining with the nation’s leading environmental organizations for this day of action on the 27th. Our government needs to know Americans are ready for this new economy, so we'll be taking pictures at the events to send to Congress and the President.

Whether you're getting a few friends together or attending giant rally, you can keep the pressure on our leaders to build a new, clean economy that begins to heal the planet and ensures prosperity for all.

We all know the problems. Let's be part of the solution — together.