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A Great Step Forward
Written by Mary Beth Maxwell   

Yesterday was an historic day. Corporate-funded front groups tried – and failed – to use the Employee Free Choice Act as a wedge issue in this election. They spent nearly $20 million dollars to smear candidates who would defend the right to form a union, freely and fairly. And in almost every race, those candidates beat the lies.

These anti-union groups thought they could scare Americans into voting for candidates who would look out for CEOs while leaving the middle class holding the bag. Even Wal-Mart thought it could bully employees into voting against pro-worker candidates. We proved them wrong.

How? An incredible grassroots movement for the Employee Free Choice Act:

  • Over 800,000 people signed on to support this bill. 
  • Ordinary Americans pitched in to fund our TV ads that set the record straight in key states.
  • Our hit video about the bill, “Your New Job,” has been watched 100,000 times.
  • Hundreds made phone calls in support of the Employee Free Choice Act.
  • Tens of thousands reached out personally to educate friends and family. 
  • Over 35,000 people helped us put pressure on the FEC to investigate Wal-Mart's electioneering against this bill.

Our new president-elect supports the Employee Free Choice Act, as does a majority in Congress. But we're just beginning the long, hard fight to get this bill back onto the floor of Congress. We have work to do: anti-union front groups will spend millions more to stop us the closer we get to victory.

So here's our game plan: over the coming weeks and months, American Rights at Work will work toward our goal of one million signatures in support of this bill. We’ll engage new leaders in Congress and the White House. We'll work hard to keep our issues front and center in the media. And we'll fight the lies and smears with everything we've got.  We will build on our momentum, and we will pass this bill!