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In Partnership With: UFCW

Greenhouse grower keeps workers, consumers, and the planet healthy

At a Glance

Eurofresh is the leading year-round producer and marketer of pesticide-free greenhouse tomatoes and cucumbers.

Willcox, AZ



Union Employees
846 greenhouse workers

Annual Revenues
$160 million

Two AZ farm locations on 318 acres

The country’s leading producer of greenhouse tomatoes is thriving thanks to its fruitful relationship with its workers and their union. Eurofresh grows award-winning tomatoes and cucumbers sold around the country to major supermarket chains. But it’s the company’s commitment to sustainable practices, food safety, and workers’ rights that make it a standout in the agricultural industry. Grown in one of the largest greenhouse complexes in the world, Eurofresh’s produce earns praise from cooks and conservationists. Eurofresh tomatoes have been named "America's Best Tasting Tomato" by the American Culinary Institute for more than 10 years. All of its produce is greenhouse-grown, reducing land and water use, and certified pesticide residue-free—protecting the health of consumers, workers, and the environment. Eurofresh also uses unbleached and recycled content in its packaging, committing to reducing its environmental impact.

One of Southern Arizona’s largest employers, Eurofresh respects its workers’ rights and their union. Paul Rubin of UFCW Local 99 says the company and union have “a very cooperative relationship,” and talk through solutions regarding employee health and safety on a daily basis. In an industry characterized by low wages and few benefits, Eurofresh workers have full family healthcare coverage with no premium costs, and earn approximately 65 percent more than non-union agricultural workers. Eurofresh’s greenhouses are also much safer for workers than open fields, with fewer ergonomic injuries and no exposure to harsh conditions and contaminants.

Food safety is a top priority at Eurofresh, which credits the union-led orientation and training programs for raising standards. “Thanks to our employees and the union we have a good quality product that is safe,” says Robert Pulido, Vice President for Human Resources, “It’s a group effort.” The union also collaborates with the company to train employees on plant disease prevention procedures, protecting the company’s crops and ultimately consumer safety.

It’s not just the Arizona sunlight that makes this company shine. Eurofresh prides itself on being a part of the local community, contributing to nonprofit and community organizations, and donating produce to local food banks. And by serving up conservation and labor rights along with its safe, delicious produce, Eurofresh will be able to keep its customers, workers, and the planet healthy for years to come.