Labor Day List

Partnerships that Work: Consumer Brands Doing Right by Workers

As our country continues to fight its way out of the worst recession in decades, we shouldn’t lose sight of those companies who are doing right by investing in their employees and creating good American jobs. As consumers, we shouldn’t forget that we can show our support for these companies in the way we shop.

CUTCO Cutlery Corporation, Monterey Mushrooms, Inc., and USA Coffee Company are just a few of the consumer brands around the country that are working successfully in partnership with their employees and the unions representing them. Though diverse in industry, size, and location, each of these companies have one thing in common: They’re proof that long-term business success goes hand-in-hand with a workplace culture that fosters shared vision, trust, and respect among workers and management.

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2010 Labor Day List: A Model for the Clean Energy Economy

In our sixth annual Labor Day List: Partnerships that Work, the American Rights at Work Education Fund recognizes employers who practice labor-management cooperation while creating pioneering solutions to the environmental challenges of the 21st century. The eight businesses featured see their workers’ unions as essential partners, and consider environmental stewardship a key component of their business model. At a time when the leadership of bold, visionary employers is in high demand, this year’s Labor Day List companies provide a model for the “win-win-win” economy our country needs—an economy in which businesses thrive, the planet prospers, and workers share in the success they help create.

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2009 Labor Day List

In the American Rights at Work Education Fund's fifth annual Labor Day List, we recognize successful partnerships between employers and their employees’ labor unions that are working well in an uncertain global economy.

Employers showcased in this year's report walk the walk when it comes to respecting their own workers’ rights, and now they are going a step further by standing up on behalf of all U.S. workers. Every business profiled in this year's report has spoken out on the need for meaningful labor law reform. By supporting the Employee Free Choice Act, legislation making it easier for workers to choose to form a union, a new generation of visionary employers is laying the foundation for the financial well-being of workers and businesses alike.

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2008 Labor Day List

The 2008 Labor Day List The 2008 Labor Day List highlights a geographically diverse group of employers who show that good labor relations are possible in every sector of the economy. Wind turbine manufacturer Gamesa Technology Corporation, the Washington National Opera, and Alabama Power, a utility serving millions of residents in the South, are just a few of the employers that prove that strong labor-management partnerships are the key to future success.  By working with their employees and the unions that represent them, Labor Day List employers have well-trained, efficient workforces and are invested in a socially-responsible approach to business that will carry them far in the future.  

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2007 Labor Day List

ldl07cover125.jpg The 2007 Labor Day List features partnerships between successful employers and their employees’ unions that both meet the needs and rights of workers and fulfill business objectives. The practices of the employers we profile buck the current “race to the bottom” trend and eschew hostile labor-management relations. These innovative employers demonstrate there are alternative models which fulfill the needs of their shareholders, employees, and valued customers.

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