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  • The Huffington Post: GOP's "Right to Work" vs. Your Right to Know the Facts
    9/5/07 - They don't care if there is no grassroots support for their agenda... They are undoubtedly looking for praise, approval and support from Grover Norquist's network of out-of-state corporate front groups like the National Right to Work Committee.

  • Boston Herald: Bad choice for labor
    8/16/07 - So who is really afraid of the Employee Free Choice Act? A well-financed and well-organized group of coalitions and lawyers whose sole purpose is to spread misinformation.

  • Wall Street Journal: A New Approach Is Needed for Workplace Democracy
    7/25/07 - Richard Berman misrepresents Human Rights Watch's work on workers' right to organize... and the corroborating examples Mr. Berman cites are misleading.

  • The Day: Foxwoods Loading Up The Big Anti-Union Guns
    7/6/07 - Jay Leno once refused to appear at a Las Vegas convention for human resource managers in which one of the seminars, ?How To Stay Union Free,? was to be run by the renowned union-busting law firm of Jackson Lewis.

  • TomPaine: Labor Refutes Some 'Choice' Lies
    6/15/07 - Coleman is taking his talking points from organizations whose sole purpose is to roadblock access to union membership?and therefore to better wages, benefits and job security.

  • The Birmingham News: Essay auther anti-union lobbyist
    6/13/07 - It is a sad joke that The News would publish an essay by Richard Berman on Alabama legislation dealing with teacher accountability, since Berman is a vehement, anti-union, Washington, D.C., lobbyist who works extensively for big business.

  • TomPaine: How Free Choice Act Aids Workers
    5/1/07 - The over-the-top allegation, with its insinuation that union leaders would use the opportunity to pad union finances at the expense of retirees, mirrors outright lies told by such business-funded groups as, which uses television an

  • Washington Post: A Research Center's Facts -- and Funds
    4/24/07 - The April 21 letter from Richard Berman, executive director of the Center for Union Facts, contained two blatant misstatements about the Center for Economic and Policy Research (CEPR) and our work.

  • Post-Bulletin: Anti-union ad is deceptive
    3/2/07 - A radio advertisement sponsored by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce reaches the height of deception as it infers that the Chamber is concerned with working for peoples' rights.

  • The Huffington Post: Legal Unionbusters
    2/25/07 - The Burke Group's hired guns are masters of misinformation, negative public relations, bureaucratic and legal stonewalling and every other means of thwarting a union drive within the law - and sometimes, outside of it.

  • TomPaine: In The Name of Democracy
    2/15/07 -The monumentally misnamed Coalition for a Democratic Workplace claims to be comprised of rank-and-file workers from across the country? as well as leaders from several national associations. Not surprisingly, no rank-and-file workers are named.

  • DesMoines Register: Is it a right to work, or right to a free ride?
    2/11/07 - National Right to Work president Mark Mix? writes, "union nonmembers are forced to accept 'services' they don't want and never asked for." What, like better pay, a health care plan and more dignity at work?

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