Nearly Half of Union Elections Report Employer Lawlessness
September 17, 2008

As part of an ongoing campaign to educate the public and broaden support for one of the most critical pieces of legislation facing America’s middle class—the Employee Free Choice Act—American Rights at Work releases two new research findings. As part of a new series that will expose the many flaws in our current system that create a disadvantage for workers, they highlight the critical need for labor law reform:

Out of Control: Employer Misconduct During Union Organizing Far Too Common

While anti-union interests claim the National Labor Relations Board election system protects the right to vote, the grim reality remains that our broken system denies the right for workers who petition for an election to vote in four out of 10 cases. Read more.

Half a Million and Counting

Since 2003, more than half a million Americans formed unions through majority sign-up, giving workers the ability to improve their standard of living. Although often critiqued by anti-union interests, these findings show that it is a fair and well-established method of organizing. Read more.

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The Employee Free Choice Act

Employee Free Choice ActA growing, bipartisan coalition of policymakers supports the Employee Free Choice Act, federal legislation that would ensure workers have a free choice and a fair chance to form a union.  Learn more about the Employee Free Choice Act.

2008 Labor Day List

Labor Day List

Our annual Labor Day List shines a spotlight on employers who work well with their employees and their unions. They have well-trained, efficient workforces and are invested in a socially-responsible approach to business that will carry them far in the future. Check out the 2008 list.

Featured Unionbuster: Employee Freedom Action Committee

Enter the Anti-Union NetworkThe Employee Freedom Action Committee is a new anti-union front group from Richard Berman that attacks Congressional candidates who support the Employee Free Choice Act. Behind the scenes, the group is a corporate-funded campaign against workers' rights. 

Unions Making a Difference

worker silhouetteBy fighting for higher standards for workers, businesses, families, the environment, and public health and safety, unions have helped make sure the economy works for everyone. Learn more about the ways unions are making a difference.

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One Million Strong for the Employee Free Choice Act

One Million Strong for the Employee Free Choice Act


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