2010 Labor Day List: A Model for the Clean Energy Economy

In our sixth annual Labor Day List: Partnerships that Work, the American Rights at Work Education Fund recognizes employers who practice labor-management cooperation while creating pioneering solutions to the environmental challenges of the 21st century. The eight businesses featured see their workers’ unions as essential partners, and consider environmental stewardship a key component of their business model. At a time when the leadership of bold, visionary employers is in high demand, this year’s Labor Day List companies provide a model for the “win-win-win” economy our country needs—an economy in which businesses thrive, the planet prospers, and workers share in the success they help create.

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Blog at Work

US Airways flying first class with anti-union consultants
September 20, 2010
US Airways asks travelers to “Fly with US,” but after learning about the money they’re willing to pay just to keep workers from forming a union, would you really want to? » Read more

Myth busting: The “overcompensated” public employee 
September 17, 2010
The Center for Economic and Policy Research and the Political Economy Research Institute recently released a fascinating report “The Wage Penalty for State and Local Government Employees in New England.”  » Read more

American Capital isn't so sweet towards workers' rights
September 16, 2010
When I found out about the sticky situation at the New England Confectionery Company (NECCO), the makers of tasty sweets such as Clark Bars and Valentine’s Day candy hearts, I lost my appetite. » Read more

Back in business: Mott's summer-long strike comes to an end
September 15, 2010
Since May, 305 Mott’s factory workers in Williamson, NY have been on strike to protect their wages and pension plans. And on Monday, they were able to put down their signs for the first time in three-and-a-halfmonths. » Read more


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Fix Our Jobs

Fix Our Jobs

This campaign and website highlights the inexcusable conditions and injustices that workers across America endure every day. We're giving America's workers a place to vent, and to press our nation’s leaders for big, bold fixes to our jobs crisis: www.FixOurJobs.org. 

Eye on the NLRB

Eye on the NLRB Check out the latest on the NRLB, the agency administering and overseeing labor law in the United States. The NLRB makes crucial decisions affecting workers' lives and freedoms; keep up with the latest news and read more about the NLRB here.


Lowering the Bar or Setting the Standard? Deutsche Telekom's U.S. Labor Practices

Lowering the Bar or Setting the Standard This report exposes a systematic campaign to prevent employees from forming a union by T-Mobile USA and its parent company, Deutsche Telekom, which operates by a double standard for workers in Germany and in the United States.

Featured Unionbuster: U.S. Chamber of Commerce

Enter the Anti-Union NetworkThe U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the nation’s most powerful business lobbying organization, has been campaigning against unions, fair labor practices, increases in the minimum wage, and legal protections for America’s workers for nearly a century.  

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