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Tell President Bush: Protect Workers, not Business Interests
August 08, 2007
eyelogo100pix The Bush-appointed National Labor Relations Board recently issued decisions in the "Kentucky River" cases that could strip an estimated eight million workers of their rights to form and join unions.  The very agency that is supposed to protect a worker's basic right to form a union has once again moved to protect the interests of big business.

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Verizon Wireless' Anti-Union Network
August 08, 2007
verizon-phone-white3_crop_062906_170404 Verizon Wireless, one of the nation’s most popular wireless providers, is also gaining a reputation as one of the most anti-union.  The company has aggressively fought efforts by its employees to form unions to improve their workplace.

Call out Verizon Wireless on its behavior.  Urge the company to let their workers have a free and fair chance to form a union.

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Raising the Bar
August 08, 2007
cingular100sitetron Cingular Wireless takes a different stand on workers’ rights – unlike its competitors or other major corporations, Cingular does not interfere with the rights of its employees to choose whether or not they want to form a union.

Thank Cingular for raising the bar for workers’ rights.

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Tell Blue Diamond to Have a Heart
August 08, 2007
bluediamondhearts125Roses are Red, Workers are Blue…

Blue Diamond Growers operates the world’s largest almond process plant and has run – in its own words – “an aggressive union avoidance campaign.”  Already three employees have been fired for supporting the union – Blue Diamond workers deserve better!

Ask Blue Diamond to have a heart and stop cracking down on union supporters!

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Garth Brooks in "Friends with Low Wages"
August 08, 2007
promo100 According to country star Garth Brooks, “it’s great to work for Wal-Mart.” In fact, he’s so proud of Wal-Mart that he’s been all over television promoting their holiday sales. But if he found out how Wal-Mart really treats its workers, he’d discover he’s got “Friends with Low Wages.”

Check out our new flash cartoon ; then tell Wal-Mart to clean up its act and end its unionbusting ways.

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23,000 Workers
August 08, 2007

23thousand_lowres105 Over 23,000 workers a year are fired or penalized for supporting a union.  It’s illegal for employers to intimidate, coerce, or fire employees for supporting a union.  But it happens all the time.The Employee Free Choice Act will help fix the broken process through which workers form unions.  If Congress passes the Employee Free Choice Act, stronger enforcements will be in place to deter violations of labor law.

Watch the short movie and then urge your Members of Congress to support the bill.

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