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Ask Garth Brooks to Give Wal-Mart the Boot!
August 08, 2007
wal-mart-boot It’s great to work for Wal-Mart."

Or so says one of Wal-Mart’s newest ‘employees,’ country music superstar Garth Brooks.  Wal-Mart just announced that Garth’s music will soon be available exclusively at Wal-Mart stores.

Tell Garth Brooks the truth about Wal-Mart’s unfair treatment of its workers and ask him to reconsider the deal.

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Tell Wal-Mart Enough is Enough
August 07, 2007

wal-mart-enough-is-enough One after another the scandals emerge revealing Wal-Mart's ruthless campaign against workers' rights.

When Wal-Mart employees attempt to stand up for themselves and try to form a union, they face threats, propaganda, discrimination, intimidation, and even firings. It's wrong, and it's got to stop now.

Sign a petition to Wal-Mart demanding the retail giant stop its anti-union campaign against its 1.3 million employees.

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