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Tell Giumarra to stop the abuse in California's grape fields!
September 30, 2009

It's hard to imagine this kind of abuse still happens in 2009.  Forcing farmworkers to "race" and see who can pick the most grapes in searing 100-degree heat, and then firing the "losers." Screaming at workers and forcing them to take unpaid "time-outs" if they dare to question supervisors. Insane quotas, giving workers no time for water, shade, or breaks.

But this is standard operating procedure at Giumarra Vineyards Corporation – a leading grape company.  Giumarra's workers urgently need your help to make the abuses stop.

» Demand better of Giumarra: tell them to put an end to worker abuse now!  

Honor the real "Norma Rae"
September 18, 2009

In 1973, Crystal Lee Sutton couldn't take it anymore. She turned off her machine, climbed onto her work table, wrote the word "UNION" on a big piece of cardboard, and raised it for all to see. Before the police could drag her away, she had brought her textile factory to a standstill – and helped give her coworkers the courage to form a union. Her story became the basis for the Oscar-winning 1979 movie, "Norma Rae."

Ms. Sutton's struggle as a mother of three – earning $2.65 an hour and working in appalling conditions – led her to take a stand and help organize a union in her plant. Like countless workers who try to join a union today, she was met with threats, harassment, and was ultimately fired from her job.

Crystal Lee Sutton – the real "Norma Rae" – passed away just recently.  In her memory, will you send an eCard to Congress asking them to pass the Employee Free Choice Act in 2009?

» Send your card to Congress now.

Stand Up For Rite Aid Warehouse Workers: Pass the Employee Free Choice Act
August 24, 2009

Last week, you sent Rite Aid a message they won't soon forget.  When we asked you to stand up for workers at Rite Aid's distribution center in Lancaster, CA,, you sent their CEO 12,656 letters!

But under current labor law, the deck is stacked. If we want to stop Rite Aid's brand of stalling and intimidation for good, we need to take it up with Congress.  Rite Aid would never have been able to get away with delaying union negotiations for over a year – not to mention violating labor laws repeatedly – if we had the protections included in the Employee Free Choice Act:

  1. Rite Aid warehouse workers faced a two-year anti-union campaign of harassment and intimidation. The Employee Free Choice Act would help guarantee workers a free choice and a fair path to form a union, without fear of intimidation.
  2. Rite Aid has been able to repeatedly break labor law, facing little more than a slap on the wrist. With the Employee Free Choice Act, employers who break the law would face real penalties.
  3. Rite Aid warehouse workers have been trying to negotiate a first contract for over a year, but the company has been dragging its feet – and even hired an anti-union consultant! The Employee Free Choice Act would help stop the endless delays and stall tactics companies use to deny workers a collective bargaining agreement.
» Send Congress these workers' story — and tell them to pass the Employee Free Choice Act!
Tell Rite Aid to stop stalling and negotiate with its workers!
August 14, 2009

When employees at Rite Aid's distribution center in Lancaster, CA, tried to form a union, workers say they were intimidated and harassed, and some were even fired for their support of the union! Even after workers prevailed in a two-year struggle to organize their union, the fight isn't over: Rite Aid has stalled contract negotiations for over a year.

Rite Aid employees have been working non-stop to get their company to do the right thing, and though things have improved recently thanks to their efforts and to the help of a mediator, the workers need our help to break this damaging stalemate.

» Tell CEO Mary Sammons to settle the contract TODAY.  

Give Chipotle your 2 cents
August 11, 2009

It's official. You've got Chipotle feeling the heat.  When we told you that Chipotle was standing by while the farmworkers who pick their tomatoes faced abuse and exploitation in the fields, you and over 16,000 others wrote Chipotle CEO Steve Ells, demanding that Chipotle live up to its "food with integrity" promise.

As a major buyer, Chipotle knows they have the power to intervene for the farmworkers. But they’ve refused to join in a formal agreement to build better working conditions for the Florida workers who pick their produce.

You've signed our petition.  You've made calls.  But we still need your help to keep the pressure on and let Chipotle know that integrity can't be bought with half-efforts and excuses.

Facebook logo Share this effort on Facebook and make sure your friends know you're taking a stand for farmworkers.

Twitter logo Sign our Twitter petition to Chris Arnold, Chipotle's PR rep, urging Chipotle to partner with Florida farmworkers and end the exploitation. If you've never used Twitter, you can set up a new account and sign the petition at the same time!

Tell CNBC Jim Cramer has it wrong again
August 07, 2009

Just before Bear Stearns went under, CNBC's Jim Cramer had strong advice for his "Mad Money" viewers: buy Bear Stearns stock, and fast! Then the company imploded and thousands of ordinary people saw their retirement savings vanish. Oops.

Now Cramer is telling his viewers the Employee Free Choice Act will hurt our economy, even though numerous economists (including Nobel-prize winners!) recognize that the bill is critical to rebuilding our broken economy.

Cramer was wrong then, he's wrong now! But this time, we know exactly what will happen if viewers listen: millions will lose out on the American dream.

» Tell CNBC that Cramer needs to start getting it right, or get off the air!

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