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Call Chipotle Today
July 30, 2009

Since we first launched our campaign, more than 10,000 activists have urged Chipotle to stand up for exploited Florida farmworkers. People around the country have been calling on Chipotle to live up to its "food with integrity" promise -- and now they've taken their demands to the streets, protesting in front of film screenings sponsored by Chipotle.

Can you support the efforts of these demonstrators by making a quick toll-free call to Chipotle's corporate headquarters? Just follow these easy steps:

  1. Call Chipotle toll-free at 1-888-899-0017.
  2. Tell the person who picks up that you want Chipotle to live up to its "food with integrity" promise by standing up for Florida farmworkers. You can also add:
    • The Florida workers who pick Chipotle's tomatoes have one of the worst jobs in America, with sub-poverty wages, back-breaking labor, and unimaginable exploitation.
    • It's time for Chipotle to join in a formal agreement with the Coalition of Immokalee Workers -- a widely respected farmworker organization and a leader in the field of human rights.
    • Partnering with the Coalition of Immokalee Workers will ensure the workers who pick Chipotle's tomatoes are treated fairly and paid a living wage.
  3. IMPORTANT: After you call, click here:and tell us how it went.
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Sen. Al Franken's First Official Act
July 08, 2009

"As of about half an hour ago, I became the co-sponsor of my first piece of legislation in the Senate. And it's something called the Employee Free Choice Act."

That's what Al Franken said just hours after being sworn in as a U.S. Senator from Minnesota! To thank him for his support, we're putting together a huge welcome card.

Senator Franken has already taken a strong stand for workers. But he's up against some serious opposition, so he needs our support and encouragement. As our economy continues to slide, an army of Big Business lobbyists continues to fight relentlessly against workers having a fair shake. Take a moment to welcome Senator Franken — thank him for being a leader on this issue and remind him how important it is that he keep fighting.

» Add your name to our welcome card for Senator Al Franken!  

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What's in your Chipotle burrito?
June 25, 2009

"Food with integrity."  That's what Chipotle – America's fastest-growing fast-food restaurant – vows to serve in its restaurants. Tell that to the Florida farmworkers who pick many of Chipotle's tomatoes. They have one of the worst jobs in America, with sub-poverty wages, back-breaking labor, and unimaginable exploitation. 

In spite of its "food with integrity" pledge condemning the "exploitation of animals, farmers, or the environment," Chipotle refuses to partner with the Coalition of Immokalee Workers, which represents farmworkers, to help improve their working conditions. In the past, American Rights at Work activists like you helped put pressure on big companies, convincing them to commit to a raise for Florida farmworkers: an extra penny per pound of picked tomatoes.  Chipotle has also agreed to pay an extra penny per pound.

Now, with your help, we can achieve an even greater victory: a huge chain pushing for real justice for these workers.  As major buyers, companies like Chipotle have a responsibility to exert their influence and give a fair deal to the workers who help boost their bottom lines.

» Click here to urge Chipotle's CEO Steve Ells take a stand for Florida farmworkers. 

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Artists for Workers Choice
May 13, 2009

47 artists. Actors, musicians, comedians. Oscar, Grammy, Emmy and Tony Award winners and nominees.

They've all come together in a remarkable video to show their support for the Employee Free Choice Act. If you've been waiting for one great video to forward to friends and relatives that explains why we need the Employee Free Choice Act, this is it.

The performers in this video are all union members. They know unions are critical to protecting workers' rights to negotiate for fair wages and better benefits. And that the Employee Free Choice Act is critical to ensuring our economy works for everyone.

» Watch the video – then forward this message to your family and friends!

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Union training saves lives in Somali pirate attack
April 20, 2009

When Somali pirates attacked an American cargo ship recently, the ship's crew fended them off. How? It's simple: our country's seamen are unionized. They've received top-quality training. They know how to protect themselves and each other. Yet every single day, the basic right of workers to join a union is threatened.

See one crewmember explain how union training saved lives – then share this video with Congress.

The Employee Free Choice Act would help more workers in America join unions. And that's not just important for our economy – it's critical to protecting the lives of workers through on-the-job training.

» Watch the video and share it with Congress: remind them that unions save lives.

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Share the faces of employee free choice
March 31, 2009

On Capitol Hill, fearless men and women met with members of Congress and the press to passionately defend their right to join a union and bargain for a better life.

Their stories show why the Employee Free Choice Act is so important:

  • Joe Bordelon, a Louisiana security technician, was tricked into signing a petition against the union in his workplace:
  • Dan Luevano, an electrician from Colorado, was interrogated, threatened, and eventually fired by his employer when he tried to form a union (after 6 years without a raise).
  • Asela Espiritu, a nurse from California, shows what things could be like – she was able to gain a voice in the workplace because her company was NOT hostile to unions.

By coming to DC and bravely telling their stories, these workers are making a big impact. Can you help multiply their efforts?

» See the workers, read their incredible stories, and forward them to your own members of Congress.

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