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Ask Congress to Pass the Employee Free Choice Act
March 10, 2009

Today, we took an important step towards restoring balance and fairness to our economy – the Employee Free Choice Act was introduced in BOTH the Senate and the House of Representatives.

But with both houses of Congress now considering the bill, there's no time to waste.

Corporate special interests are twisting arms, spending millions on misleading ads, and spreading lies and propaganda to block the bill. We've got to put relentless pressure on Congress before they debate and vote.

Your representative and senators need to hear from you immediately – they're already hearing from corporate lobbyists and CEOs.

Make sure your elected officials actively support the Employee Free Choice Act!

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Forced Labor in Florida
February 25, 2009

Workers chained to poles. Locked in trucks. Physically beaten. Robbed of pay. It sounds too extreme to be true. But it's happening today.

For decades, Florida's farmworkers have faced terrible abuses, brutal exploitation, and in the most extreme cases, forced labor. But almost as disturbing is the silence of Florida's governors – who have refused to condemn these abuses.  That's why we're calling on Florida Governor Charlie Crist to commit the full power of his office to addressing the plague of forced labor in Florida's fields.

» Add your voice to this call by writing Governor Crist today!

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Thank President Obama for Supporting America's Workers
January 29, 2009

Change is finally coming.

Finally, we have a president who's ready to bring relief to the middle class. A president looking out for working families, not just his corporate buddies. A president ready to sign the Employee Free Choice Act.

President Obama's support for this bill has stayed strong through his campaign and since his election. It's time we thanked him – and showed him just how many people care about this issue.

»Click here to send President Obama a quick thank-you card – tell him you've got his back.

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A Bridge Loan for America's Auto Industry
December 05, 2008

America is on the brink of losing its auto industry – one of the cornerstones of our economy – and the stakes couldn't be higher. 

The automakers have submitted plans to cut costs and strengthen products, and the United Auto Workers have announced that workers will do their part, too. But this is not enough. The automakers need additional financial resources to weather this unprecedented economic downturn. An emergency bridge loan, enabling domestic automakers to keep the production line moving, is a necessary step to revitalize the American auto industry and protect American jobs.

»Urge your lawmakers to issue an immediate "bridge loan" to GM, Ford, and Chrysler.

Stand Up for the Middle Class Before Election Day
October 28, 2008

We're just one week away from one of the most important elections in modern history. And with the economy so unstable, it's no surprise that the Employee Free Choice Act has become a major issue.

Not only have we seen a groundswell of support – with over 800,000 people adding their voices to support for the bill – we've also seen vicious, distorted attack ads from shady anti-union groups. In fact, they claim they've raised over $50 million to attack pro-worker candidates and defeat the Employee Free Choice Act.

The Employee Free Choice Act would give workers the chance to form a union freely and fairly, without fear of intimidation by their employers. Every new signature on this petition adds to the momentum behind this bill.

»Sign the petition and help build an economy that works for everyone.

American Idol's Sour Note
October 07, 2008

When it comes to respecting workers, America's favorite TV show is way off-key.

American Idol brings in $200 million in profits annually. But some of the people who help produce it are taking home as little as $4.50 an hour. That's below minimum wage.

What's more, some report working 15-20 hours a day, seven days a week – even going without overtime pay and breaks for rest or meals. American Idol won't respect basic workers' rights protected by law.
»Tell American Idol it's time to change their tune – and give workers what the law requires.

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