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Ready for Green Jobs
September 12, 2008

Green Jobs Now

America needs a new economy — one where millions of good, union, green-collar jobs revive our middle class and solve the climate challenge in the process.

Our next President and Congress will have a lot to say about when – and whether – we get that new economy.

That's why, on September 27th, people across the country are coming together for a national day of action for Green Jobs Now. We're talking house parties, street fairs, backyard BBQs, you name it – all to tell our leaders it's time to invest in the economy of the future.

»Check out this quick video to learn more – then sign up to host or attend a Green Jobs event near you!

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One More Thing to Do Before Labor Day
August 26, 2008

 Our billboards are up in Denver right now!

Billboard: America's Middle Class is Falling Apart

We're making the Employee Free Choice Act a central issue at the Democratic convention in Denver. Armed with 550,000 petition signatures, we're meeting with party leaders, state delegations, and caucuses.

We've even launched a major ad campaign: billboards lining the Denver highways, ads in USA Today, and banners on major websites such as the Politico.

With pro-worker candidates feeling the pressure from a spate of attacks, your signature will make our case that much stronger in our meetings this week.

»Can you help our convention campaign by signing our petition for the Employee Free Choice Act?

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Ask the FEC to Investigate Wal-Mart's Electioneering
August 01, 2008

According to a recent article in the Wall Street Journal, Wal-Mart has been threatening employees that if they vote for pro-worker candidates like Barack Obama in November, the Employee Free Choice Act will pass, making it easier to form unions in Wal-Mart stores.

Wal-Mart is stretching the bounds of legality with these outrageous tactics – it's illegal for employers to advocate for political candidates to hourly employees. Unfortunately for Wal-Mart workers, intimidation is par for the course at the world’s largest employer.

We’re starting a petition to the Federal Election Commission (FEC), asking for an investigation into Wal-Mart’s electioneering to see if any laws were violated. Can you sign on?

» Ask the Federal Election Commission to investigate Wal-Mart.

On Our Way to One Million
June 19, 2008

One Million Strong for the Employee Free Choice ActWho’s losing out in this sputtering economy?

Not corporate CEOs. Too many of them have made sure to secure a golden parachute for themselves while workers face soaring healthcare costs, foreclosures, and an uncertain future.

The Employee Free Choice Act would help level the playing field and get our economy back on track. That's why last week we launched a huge campaign to get one million people to support this bill and tell Congress it’s time for change.

We're already at 20,695 signatures and we think we can reach 30,000 by Monday! We need you to be one of them. 

If you've already signed the petition, can you tell 10 friends about our campaign?

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One Million Strong for the Employee Free Choice Act
June 11, 2008

One Million Strong for the Employee Free Choice Act A robust middle class. Economic growth and shared prosperity. The American Dream. None are possible without good union jobs that protect workers.

That's why we need the Employee Free Choice Act – critical legislation that would give more workers a way to form unions and negotiate for better wages, health care, and working conditions.

American Rights at Work is teaming up with hundreds of groups and unions to launch a massive campaign: One Million Strong for the Employee Free Choice Act.

We're going to show the new President and Congress that there are one million people who want to give hardworking families a chance to get ahead. Can you be one of the first?

Click here to sign the petition for the Employee Free Choice Act.

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Victory for Farmworkers at Burger King
May 29, 2008

Workers won big last week. 

After intense pressure, Burger King agreed to give Florida farmworkers a penny more per pound of picked tomatoes.  That means an annual raise of 71% for the farmworkers who, on average, earn only $10,000 a year under the old wage, and are among this country’s most exploited workers.

This is a huge victory. 

Can you take a minute to send a note of congratulations to the farmworkers?

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