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Tell Your Senators to Protect Public Safety
May 12, 2008

Firefighters, police officers, and emergency medical service personnel are often the first on the scene for emergencies big and small. But tens of thousands of these public safety officers do not have the right to negotiate with their employers, leaving them without a voice at work.

S. 2123 would ensure that all public safety officers have the opportunity to meet with local officials to discuss their jobs and how best to protect the public.

A critical vote on this bill could happen this week and your Senators need to hear from you NOW.

Ask your Senators to support the Public Safety Employer-Employee Cooperation Act (S. 2123).

Tell Wall Street: Unionbusting Doesn't Pay
March 03, 2008

Workers at Atria Senior Living are being threatened and intimidated for trying to form a union.

Caring for our nation's elderly is an important job, and workers at Atria deserve a living wage, affordable healthcare, and the training and support they need to do their jobs well. They also have the right to a free and fair process to decide on forming a union.

Workers at Atria barely make ends meet, yet the highly successful senior living chain is affiliated with a big Wall Street firm called Lazard that has the means to support them. 

It's time to give these Wall Street execs an earful!  Tell the Wall Street execs at Atria and Lazard to stop unionbusting and play fair.

» Send your email now

Huge failure at mine safety agency
February 04, 2008

 What's wrong with mine safety czar Richard Stickler?

Coal miner

More than 4,000 mine safety failures in six years. 

Send Stickler a note now!

Many of us watched in horror last summer as miners lost their lives in the Crandall Canyon mine collapse in Utah, and before that, the disasters at Sago, Darby and Aracoma mines. After multiple debacles, you’d think the government would make mine safety a top priority.  Think again.  Recent reports uncovered a huge failure at the federal agency in charge of mine safety.  

The Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) failed to fine more than 4,000 safety & health violations over the last six years for mines that broke regulations.

Richard Stickler, the man responsible for mine safety in this country, needs some help. We put together some ideas for how Mr. Stickler can actually do his job.

» Can you send a note to MSHA Administrator Richard Stickler?

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FedEx your Holiday Gifts? Don't Do It.
November 26, 2007

Take the No-Ship Pledge This holiday season, FedEx Ground drivers will work extra hard to deliver our gifts on time. They provide a valuable service – but their bosses don't value them enough to respect their rights.

For a corporation like FedEx, the slightest whiff of dissatisfaction among its customers is a serious concern.  As a consumer, you can deliver a powerful message on behalf of these workers.  A simple pledge.

Let FedEx Ground know its customers won't fund unionbusting.  We'll deliver the signatures to company management to show them we mean business.

» Take the pledge: Don't use FedEx to ship your holiday gifts.

Tell FedEx You're FedUp with Unionbusting
November 16, 2007

Learn more at FedUpWithFedEx.org fedex125.jpg

FedEx has strived for years to keep its company union-free to fatten its bottom line.

FedEx Ground drivers—who work long hours, often without benefits—are frequently harassed and even fired for supporting a union.

Tell FedEx you're FedUp with its nasty anti-union tactics! Demand that FedEx Ground stop busting unions and give benefits and respect to the people who have made the company so successful.

» Send your message at FedUpWithFedEx.org

Tell American Eagle Unionbusting Doesn't Fit!
September 25, 2007

One of the biggest clothing retailers in North America, American Eagle Outfitters has a corporate code of conduct for contractors that supports workers’ rights to join a union. 

But workers at American Eagle’s Canadian distribution contractor have a shocking story to tell.  When these men and women first tried to form a union, they say they were subjected to harassment and intimidation—all part of a massive unionbusting campaign.

» Write a letter to American Eagle and tell them unionbusting doesn't fit!

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