Golden Solar: A specialty electrical contractor with workers’ rights at its core

Golden Solar LogoWhen Colorado passed groundbreaking renewable energy legislation in 2004, Shawn Josserand saw an opportunity. The voter-initiated policy mandated utilities to begin generating electricity from renewable sources, and empowered homeowners and businesses to generate their own electricity—in effect, creating a modern day “clean energy gold rush”.

As a master electrician and longtime member of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW), Josserand combined old fashioned entrepreneurship with progressive views about labor relations to make installing renewable energy sources easy and efficient for all Coloradans. Based in Golden, Colorado, Josserand’s business—Golden Solar—installs solar panels for residential and commercial clients using 100-percent union labor. The company handles all phases of design and installation, and has quickly earned a reputation for exceptional quality, outstanding customer service, and high standards.

With every project, Golden Solar not only helps to deliver environmentally smart services, it also advances the new, clean energy economy in the Denver area. By employing union members, the company provides the community with good jobs. And in return for their expertise, electrical workers receive family-supporting wages and benefits like health care, retirement, and free training.

Josserand believes strongly in workers’ rights to freely join unions, and has spoken up for labor law reform so that employers who treat their workers well are not at a competitive disadvantage. He encourages other businesses to “do the right thing” by respecting workers’ rights and paying a living wage. Golden Solar is a shining example of the opportunities the clean energy economy can provide for business leaders who embrace sustainable business and labor practices.

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