Gov. Rick Scott is striking out

It’s opening day at Florida’s Tropicana Field – meaning ice cold beer, fly balls, and family fun are just around the corner for baseball lovers across the state. But with the surge of attacks on public employees fresh in the air, today’s season opener is turning out to be a lot more than just another day in the park for Florida fans.

Hundreds of activists are planning to boo Gov. Rick Scott as he throws the opening pitch at tomorrow night’s game.  The public backlash comes amidst a slew of initiatives by Gov. Scott and far-right state legislators aimed at public employees and their unions, including a proposal limiting collection of union dues through the state payroll and elimination of collective bargaining rights.

The protest, titled “Boo Scott” and organized through Facebook, was created by Peter Schorsch of the Saint Petersblog, which covers Florida politics. The Hillsborough Classroom Teachers Association will hold a rally before the game in protest to Scott’s deep cuts to education.

Lets hope tomorrow is a reminder that Florida’s fans are also Florida’s workers, and they aren’t ready to let unionbusting become America’s favorite pastime.

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