Here’s a bright idea: Keep profit-making jobs in America

The union workers who make Philips lighting fixtures in Sparta, Tennessee, have been doing things right for over 40 years. In fact, their plant was named one of North America’s 10 best by Industry Week Magazine in 2009—and even won Philips’ own “lean” manufacturing award last fall.

But now Philips Global CEO Gerard Kleisterlee wants to send those good, American jobs to Mexico—leaving 275 workers jobless and an entire community devastated.

It gets worse. Turns out, Philips received $7 million in stimulus funding from American taxpayers to continue investing in U.S. manufacturing jobs. And it’s not as though Philips is a sinking ship. The company is a giant in the electronics industry, and profits in its lighting division are skyrocketing. There’s simply no plausible argument for destroying these jobs.

The good news? You can help. Send your letter to Philips CEO Gerard Kleisterlee and tell him if he wants to keep our tax dollars, he’d better keep these jobs in America.

Right now every job and every dollar matter to American workers and their families. Together, we can make sure Philips gets the message: Keep the lights on in Sparta, Tennessee!

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5 Responses to “Here’s a bright idea: Keep profit-making jobs in America”

  1. denise hile says:

    Right now every job and every dollar matter to American workers and their families. Keep the lights on in Sparta, Tennessee!

  2. mik t says:

    I think this will effect every american in everyway. We need to stop the exodus of american jobs period to China, Mexico, India etc. We need to let the President, Senators, Representatives, all politicians of all level know, we need to keep the jobs here in our country, if not then we need to elect some who care of the american workers.

  3. Lori Doran says:

    It is very interesting how jobs can be taken away and given to people in other countries like Mexico, but those same companies that move jobs out of the United States still expect the American consumer to purchase their products at high prices so their companies can continue huge profits.

  4. frank egan says:

    Here is where we should send letter to our congess and put a fire under them to do their jobs and protect the american workers and towns.

  5. Podsluch says:

    I completely agree and think you should post another entry.

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