2008 Labor Day List Employers

2008 Labor Day ListIn the American Rights at Work Education Fund’s fourth annual Labor Day List: Partnerships that Work, we continue to shine the spotlight on positive relationships between employers and their employees.

In this year’s Labor Day List, we highlight a geographically diverse group of employers who show that good labor relations are possible in every sector of the economy. Wind turbine manufacturer Gamesa Technology Corporation, the Washington National Opera, and Alabama Power, a utility serving millions of residents in the South, are just a few of this year’s featured employers that prove that strong labor-management partnerships are the key to future success. 

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A. Zahner Company

A. Zahner Company logo This architectural metal company expands the boundaries of design and employee relations by creating innovative structures with a respected union workforce.

Alabama Power

Alabama Power logo Supplying electricity to millions in the South, this publicly-traded utility considers workplace safety and a strong union partnership a top priority.

Delta Construction Corporation

Delta Construction logo This reliable, high-quality contractor in the Aloha state has earned its reputation from outstanding collaboration with its workers and their unions.


DMAX logo A decade of union and management flexibility at this engine manufacturer keeps jobs at home and improves workplace productivity.

Gamesa Technology Corporation, Inc.

Gamesa logo This successful wind turbine manufacturer in the industrial heartland proves the U.S. can embrace green-collar jobs that respect workers’ rights.

Justice Clothing

Justice Clothing logo This sweatshop-free retailer gives consumers a socially-conscious way to purchase American and union-made clothing.

Maimonides Medical Center

Maimonides logo Through exemplary employee and management collaboration, this New York City hospital continually advances its reputation for providing quality patient care.

State of Kansas

Great Seal of the State of Kansas By strengthening the rights and treatment of state workers, Kansas is improving public services and setting an example for public employers.

Team Industries, Inc.

Team Industries logo This pipe fabricating company has seen a dramatic turnaround thanks to collaboration with its workers’ union and dedication to employee training.

Washington National Opera

Washington National Opera logo At this opera, harmony is achieved on and off stage when union and management commit to improving working conditions and opportunities for their artists.