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Watch Garth Brooks in Friends with Low Wages

According to Garth Brooks, "it’s great to work for Wal-Mart."  But what would happen if Garth found out what it’s really like to work for the retail giant?  What would he have to say about Wal-Mart’s ruthless campaign against workers’ rights?

We’ve taken it upon ourselves to update a classic Garth hit and released a new ‘music video’ giving a behind-the-scenes look at how Wal-Mart treats its workers. 

The cartoon even ruffled a few feathers at Wal-Mart HQ in Bentonville.  A Wal-Mart spokeswoman told an Arkansas newspaper that "it’s a shame that this group would use this type of publicity stunt to take away from what we do to help working families save money every day."

Of course, what’s really a shame is how far Wal-Mart will go to keep workers from standing up for themselves.  When Wal-Mart employees try to form a union, they often face threats, propaganda, discrimination, intimidation, and even firings.

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