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Seeking Justice at the Labor Board? Don’t Hold Your Breath
Written by Erin Johansson   
December 05, 2007

Way back in 1989, over 200 Domsey Trading employees decided to form a union and the company retaliated with physical assaults, racial and sexual abuse, and illegally firings.  Yet these workers had to wait until this past September for the National Labor Relations Board to confirm the amount of backpay the company owed them.  I’m a patient person, but 18 years is a long time for wait for justice.  Tragically, one of the main union supporters passed away before he could collect his backpay. 

The Domsey Trading case is one of many issued by the Labor Board in September marred by outrageous delays…

  • Baker Electric was pending at the Labor Board for six years before they remanded it back to an administrative law judge to determine how much backpay the company—which is now out of business—owed to its former employees for illegal actions committed in 1993.   

  • The Earthgrains Co. was pending at the Labor Board for seven years before they found an employer guilty of numerous illegal tactics that occurred in 1998.   

  • The Labor Board finally ordered a new election in BP Amoco Chemical seven years after employees voted against union representation in response to illegal intimidation by their employer.   

  • The Labor Board dismissed the employers’ objections in Ryder Memorial Hospital and finally certified that the employees voted for a union three years ago. 

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