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Keepin’ an Eye on the NLRB
Written by Erin Johansson   
December 11, 2007

Keepin' an Eye on the NLRB For over three years, American Rights at Work has published “Workers’ Rights Watch: Eye on the NLRB,” publicizing the insufficiency of U.S. labor law while raising awareness of a little-known agency making critical decisions affecting workers’ lives and freedoms.

I’m excited to share that we are re-launching this publication as a blog, allowing me to post more frequent and timely commentary on NLRB decisions, and to generate more attention to decisions which make the case for labor law reform.

You can find Eye on the NLRB at www.eyeonthenlrb.org.

Why a blog? Why now?  Our role as an NLRB watchdog is more important than ever as the momentum for the Employee Free Choice Act continues to grow, and as the NLRB’s September Steamroll brings attention to the Bush administration’s attacks on workers.  In its old style, this publication generated media attention for particularly egregious cases, leading to a much larger audience and impact than we could have thought possible.  I’m hopeful that this blog will broaden the audience interested in labor law issues and lead to even more scrutiny of the NLRB.  We need many pairs of eyes on the NLRB!
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