Wisconsin Protesters Stage a Watery Walkerville

The protest movement defending workers’ rights against the extreme agenda of Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker has gone amphibian. In response to Walker’s attempts to rollback the rights of public employees, the last year has been marked by massive protests, the creation of Walkerville at the state capital, and now protest by boat. Over the holiday weekend, as the governor’s wife hosted a party at Madison’s lakeside Governor’s Mansion,  a group of Wisconsinites took to the waters of Lake Mendota to once again remind Walker that the working people of Wisconsin are not going away.

According to the Blue Cheddar blog, the paddle boat protest was just another peaceful message to the governor that his agenda has gone to far. One of the protest oganizers noted, “I hope the flotilla also conveys the message that Wisconsin protesters never rest, we will protest you at the drop of a hat, and we are creative, fun people.” The aquatic protest was such a success – and such a good time – that there are now plans to take to the waters of Lake Mendota for the remaining weekends of the summer. (For pictures and video, click here.)

As we pointed out back in March, Gov. Walker’s attack on Wisconsin’s middle class never had anything to do with balancing Wisconsin’s budget, as evidenced by the fact that the bill that was ultimately passed had nothing to do with spending. Luckily, with the upcoming elections later this summer, the people of Wisconsin will have the opportunity to take their displeasure with Walker’s anti-worker policies to the polls.

In the meantime, they’ve found yet another way to stand up for everyday workers. As for Walker, it looks like his ship is sinking—and fast. Canoes and fishing boats at the ready!

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