#LetUsPlay also means #LetUsWork

Today the NFL Players Association is taking to Twitter and Facebook to raise awareness about the owners’ threat to lockout the players and cancel the next season of football. Billed as #LetUsPlay Day, the event’s signature phrase reflects the players’ bargaining position – they’re just asking to continue under the terms of the previous contract, nothing more. It’s the owners who, despite major profits, want the players to take an 18 percent pay cut while playing more games each season.

Despite efforts by some to paint these negotiations as a dispute between millionaires and billionaires, the reality is that an NFL lockout will affect over 100 thousand everyday workers in cities across the country. A lockout will lead to layoffs for the working women and men who run the concession stands, serve as ushers in the stadium, provide security for fans, and serve as emergency responders. Businesses located near the stadium are also at risk, as the hotels, restaurants, bars, and retail stores frequented by fans on gameday will see a drastic drop in customers.

As the country continues to clean up from a corporate greed-driven recession, we cannot afford another round of mass layoffs. Especially when they’re triggered by a senseless grab at even greater profits by the NFL, which has already signed record-setting media deals. And while the league trumpets its improved focus on safety, the owners want a longer season and a greater risk of injury for players.

So it’s up to us to stand with all the workers – on and off the field – who face the threat of an NFL lockout. If owners of professional sports teams can force concessions from high-profile athletes, all while raking in outrageous profits, you can bet other CEOs won’t be far behind.

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