Link between union density and happiness plays out on national scale

It’s no surprise that belonging to a union improves the lives of union members. But a recent study co-authored by Patrick Flavin and Benjamin Radcliff at Notre Dame and Alexander Pacek of Texas A&M University, shows that union density—the percentage of the workforce that belongs to unions—also has a direct impact on workers who don’t belong to unions.

As it turns out, in countries with higher union density, union members and non-union member alike report higher life satisfaction. Unfortunately, with relatively low union density causing lower life satisfaction, the United States ranks near the bottom in both categories.

Here’s what our Executive Director, Kimberly Freeman Brown, had to say about the report’s findings:

We’ve got to make some serious changes if we want to turn those statistics, and our economy, around. Unscrupulous employers routinely break the law to prevent their employees from forming a union. That depresses pay, benefits, workplace conditions, and apparently happiness, across the board—for all workers. Statistics show that over one in three employers fire workers under the National Labor Relations Board election process.

As evidence of unions’ far-reaching positive impact piles up, the attack against unions and working families has grown more vehement. Enough is enough. If we’re serious about ensuring a happier future for America’s working women and men, we have to protect workers’ rights to form a union and bargain collectively. The path has never been clearer.

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